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eSIM/Smart Socket

eSIM/Smart Socket

New Form Factor of Taisys Solution – Embedded Solution

—A total solution for the financial, telecom, and mobile payment sector

ECofferR combines the benefits of eSIM and SIMoMER not only to support remote provisioning services but also to communicate with the world through the existing SIM beneath it. Basically, it is a tamper-resistant secure element to provide a secure environment for the storage and processing of sensitive data. As regards to the application of embedded solution, it can be incorporated into wearable, mobile and M2M devices, and also incorporated into IOT applications to provide infinite services and applications.

Smart Socket is an extended solution from ECoffer. With little or no modification, device manufacturers can easily utilize this solution to renew and re-create new value of old and current device, and reduce time-to-market with shortened product development.

Key features

  • Security:A tamper-resistant chipset providing a secure storage and execution environment for sensitive data and processing.
  • Easy integration:Integrate into any device (mobile, wearable, IoT).
  • Remote management:Support post-issuance activation and update.
  • Flexibility: Offer flexibility to connect VAS by customer’s preference.
  • User Friendly: Migrate interface from STK to application