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SIMoME® Java Card Self-Development Kit

SIMoME® Java Card Self-Development Kit

Entrepreneurship over UICC

The SIMoME®Java Card Self-Development Kit (SDK), a complete package containing all the vital components required for the development of smart card applications, enables an easy way to develop Java applet with patented SIMoME®technology. The SIMoME®Java Card SDK provides tools, sample codes, and technical support service to assist developers to effectively incorporate SIMoME®Java Card technology into their solutions.

Who might be interested? :

Enterprise – Combining JavaCard technology to develop and deploy your own features e.g. IoT, Block chain etc. 
Service provider/MVNO – Deploy their own service without restricted to any subscribers, with OTA/RAM/RFM doing post issuance service. 
Others – Any industry who want to extend additional service. 


【Product No.:SDK0002】
SIMoME ®  VAULT Cards (3+4FF) x 6 pcs
Card Reader x 1 pc
Technical Support x 1 month (through proprietary technical support website)
SIMoME ®  VAULT Card spec
Development Environment Setup Guide
Sample Code
Development Tools (Free license for 1 year)

Supplements – We also offer extra package of cards and technical support service

  • SIMoME®Java Card: (Applicable to handset using Mini, Micro and Nano SIM)
  • SIMoME ®  VAULT Cards
    (3+4FF) x 10pcs 【Product No:SDKJCV10】
    (3+4FF) x 30pcs 【Product No:SDKJCV30】
    (3+4FF) x 50pcs 【Product No:SDKJCV50】
  • Technical Support:
    1 month  【Product No.:SDKTS01】
    3 months【Product No.:SDKTS03】
    6 months【Product No.:SDKTS06】