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WORLDWIDE 2019/09/23

Taisys’ slimduet® enables SIM-firewall to repel Simjacker malicious attacks to potential 1 billion SIM cards at risk

Taipei, Taiwan September 23rd 2019, Global mobile security solution provider Taisys Technologies announces SIM-firewall function within its slimduet® product to repel malicious phishing attacks from Simjacker.

A recently published security loophole dubbed Simjacker exposes vulnerabilities within SIM cards that allow attackers to monitor the location of a victim’s device as well as take additional damaging actions.  Simjacker exploits an oversight that allows the execution of programs indented to provide additional user services to execute unwanted code. Current estimates place over 1 billion mobile service users at risk to the Simjacker exploit.

Taisys’ slimduet® is a paper-thin SIM that attaches to the user’s current SIM to allow for the download of local mobile connectivity when traveling abroad, the product works with most SIM and devices currently on the market. slimduet® is highly secure with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States, and can be used even for high security use cases. Taisys thin SIM is approved by Financial Service Agency (FSA) in Japan as Fintech Platform over SIM (FPoS) and is also widely deployed in China, Africa, and India for many financial inclusion and mobile eID services. When SIM-firewall function of slimduet® is enabled, all suspiciously hidden SMS will be disclosed for validation in order to protect the SIM from attacks like Simjacker.

“With slimduet® SIM-firewall, the SIM card is protected from the latest generation of spying over mobile. In this mobile age, cybersecurity is not only about the network, but also protection for every connected device, including the resided SIM card, that is potentially being compromised. SIM-firewall is an imperative component to a comprehensive mobile cybersecurity framework to restore the sovereignty of the user’s personal data.” stated Jason Ho, Founder and Chairman of Taisys.

About Taisys Technologies

Taisys is a world leader in providing thin SIM solution. With global patents, Taisys thin SIM is telco-neutral, handset-neutral and service provider-friendly, which enables telecom, financial institutions and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner. Over 100 banking, M(V)NOs, government organization, service provider partners have deployed high-security mobile services enabled by Taisys with more than 20 million end-users worldwide. To learn more, please visit

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