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WORLDWIDE 2019/11/21

Taisys affiliate PT. All Access Area partners with HIS and JCI for Digital Banking and Communication Services

TOKYO/TAIPEI November 21,2019--Taisys affiliate PT. ALL ACCESS AREA (AAA) who drives Digital Transformation (DX) from Indonesia and Malaysia, H.I.S. Impact Finance (H.I.F.), a H.I.S. Group Company, providing banking services under its service brand, “Fimple Bank,” and Japan Communications Inc. (JCI) have agreed to the vision to provide integrated digital services on smartphone/cell phone and signed an agreement.

The three parties share the same understanding that the mobile e-ID provided by FPoS with subSIM powered by Taisys will become the secure foundation, which enables banking transactions and payment/wallet functionalities, as well as mobile telecommunications, which will become the driving force of the DX, Digital Transformation. With this understanding, the three companies will collaborate in delivering various digital services.

With over 140 million members, Indonesia's NU is set to bring about Digital Transformation for the largest Faith Based Organization (FBO) and Civil Society Organization (CSO) based on a secured mobile ecosystem. Services provided via AAA unified mobile platform include, but not limited to, mobile identification and authentication, international telecommunications services based on FPoS technologies, remote SIM provisioning technology, cross-border remittance, mobile banking, payment services and many more under its umbrella. NU members in particular and Indonesian nationals in general will be benefitted most. NU also has significant number of its members residing in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Middle East and other parts of the world.  Through this Japan initiative, it will create the accessibility, ability and affordability for Cross border Banking and Communication supported by digital security eco-system, for the better future world.

About Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)

NU was established on January 31, 1926 in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is the largest Faith Based Organization (FBO) and Civil Society Organization (CSO) in the world with membership estimates to over 140 million and presence in 37 countries. The mission of NU is to empower humanity and creating a better civilization through omni channel (online and offline). NU is also a charitable body funding schools and hospitals as well as organizing communities to help alleviate poverty.

About All Access Area (AAA)

PT All Access Area backed by Taisys and Malaysian based AM Capital Investment, are a regional provider of super apps functionality that cater for cross border in digital banking, communication, mobile payment platform, remittance switching service and many more services under its umbrella. AAA aim to provide an efficient, cost effective and reliable services for B2B and B2C; such as remittance, payment infrastructure and accessible travelling internet connectivity to multitude of communities of various countries.  Anytime, Anywhere, We Transact.

About H.I.S. Impact Finance Inc

H.I.S. Impact Finance Inc. is a financial services institution managed by Mitsuteru Higashikozono, Founder CEO who is a former H.I.S. employee and a 2nd term member in Sawada Foundation, primarily carries out credit guarantee and factoring (Settlement between Corporations). Founded in Nov 2017, currently carrying out Fimple settlement service which is a corporate settlement service that guarantees accounts receivable and factoring services which is a core financial service within H.I.S group. By obtaining an approval to operate GMO Aozora Net Bank as a branch on 3rd Mar 2019, H.I.S. Impact Finance became the world’s first innovative bank service who provides bank agency services together with concurrent credit guarantee and factoring services. We will be providing our innovative services to not only H.I.S. but many customers onwards.

About Japan Communications Inc. (JCI, Japan)

Japan Communications Inc. is the mobile solution innovator having created MVNO industry with its vision since establishment in 1996. As digitalization progresses and devices connected to network in the world today, JCI’s patented technology Mobile Dedicated Connection had obtained PCI DDS certification as defined as an international security standard to all our primary systems which has been implemented in police departments, banks, and credit card companies where security is most valued. Moreover, while obtained world class security, we have made identification and prevention of falsification to contents of transaction without sacrificing convenience and ease of use to construct and implement a common platform to safely perform financial transactions using your smartphone with FinTech technology. JCI will keep our challenger mind set to construct and provide a safe mobile infrastructure to become a common social platform across international borders.

About Taisys Technologies

Taisys is a world leader in providing thin SIM solution. With global patents, Taisys thin SIM is telco-neutral, handset-neutral and service provider-friendly, which enables telecom, financial institutions and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner. Over 100 banking, M(V)NOs, government organization, service provider partners have deployed high-security mobile services enabled by Taisys with more than 20 million end-users worldwide. To learn more, please visit

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