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WORLDWIDE 2020/07/08

Taisys SIMoME FIDO2 Achieved FIDO2 Certification

TAIPEI, July 7th, 2020 Global mobile security solutions provider Taisys Technologies announces acquiring FIDO2 Certification for its SIMoME FIDO2 product. This is the first FIDO2 certified product in a SIM card form factor, which can easily transform smart phones into FIDO2 authenticators with security at a FIPS-certified level1.

According to FIDO Alliance statistics, 52% of consumer use 5 or fewer passwords for all websites, only 5% of users have unique passwords for each website, and 69% of users want to utilize Biometric verification when on their mobile device. The FIDO2 specification is the newest set of specifications enabling users to leverage common devices to easily authenticate to online services in both mobile and desktop environments. Furthermore, this security model eliminates the risks of phishing and all forms of password theft and replay attacks.

FIDO is bringing significant value to the world especially during COVID and the post-pandemic period due to the need for secure and frictionless login to access professional data and information when working from home.  We are pleased to announce Taisys SIMoME FIDO2 achieved FIDO2 certification. Instead of carrying an additional hardware authenticator, by adding FIDO2 function into the SIM, users can simply perform any FIDO authentication request through his or her mobile phone at FIPS-certified level of security, which brings much more convenience, better user experience and security assurance to the end users. stated Jason Ho, Founder and Chairman of Taisys.

About Taisys Technologies

Taisys is a world leader in providing thin SIM solution. With global patents, Taisys thin SIM is a telco-neutral, handset-neutral and service provider-friendly solution, which enables telecom, financial institutions and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner. Over 100 banking, M(V)NOs, government organization, service provider partners have deployed high-security mobile services enabled by Taisys with more than 20 million end-users worldwide. To learn more, please visit

1 Taisys FIPS-2 Level 3 certificate number #3441, please refer to the below link for details.

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