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TAIWAN 2023/02/03

TAISYS introduces the smallest hardware wallet in the world for Crypto

Taipei, Taiwan 2 February

TAISYS introduces the smallest hardware wallet in the world for Crypto

TAISYS announced SIMGap® mobile hardware wallet, a SIM-sized and open source hardware wallet with NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification. With the SIM being the universal standard form factor that is compatible with billions of mobile devices, and SDK for Android available for developers and wallet companies, SIMGap® significantly reduces the cost of security to web3 adopters.

"We specialize in security for mobility. SIMGap® will help our partners provide the highest level security for their web3 products without compromising the user experience. By making SIMGap® the secure element for your web3 private keys, we created the user sovereign space, which completes the missing part of web3", said Jason Ho, TAISYS’ Founder and Chairman.

With the removable nature of the SIM, SIMGap® is also an ideal cold wallet when it’s separated from connected mobile devices, providing the physical convenience to manage portfolios of digital assets with the highest level of security.

The "SIMGap® Air" mobile App has been developed by the community for using unconnected Android devices to airgap their private keys even more securely.

"We welcome any open source developers to create innovative products based on SIMGap®. SIMGap® is the first ever platform of secure element open to developers for getting to a decentralized web with self-custody infrastructure strengthened by the mobile ecosystem. With nearly two decades' experience in security products for financial inclusion such as mobile banking and payment services, TAISYS has been one of the most innovative companies dedicated in security hardware. SIMGap® is the first product that we have built for the web3 infrastructure where users need secure and easier access to the financial freedom brought by web3. Along with our roadmap, we are committed to contribute our expertise and technologies to the web3 ecosystem together with our partners to embrace the majority of web3 adopters”, said Yvonne Chen, CSO of TAISYS.

About Taisys Technologies

Established in 2005, Taisys is a world leader in providing thin SIM solutions. With global patents, Taisys thin SIM is telco-neutral, handset-neutral, and service provider-friendly, which enables telecom, fintech and governments to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner. Over 100 banking, M(V)NOs, government organization, and service provider partners have deployed high-security mobile services enabled by Taisys with more than 40 million end-users worldwide. To learn more, please visit

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