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WORLDWIDE 2016/11/28

Taisys is honored to be an exhibitor in TRUSTECH 2016, Cannes: The most reputable exhibition for secure payment, identification and IOT.

Taisys is honored to be an exhibitor in TRUSTECH 2016, Cannes: The most reputable exhibition for secure payment, identification and IOT.

TRUSTECH is the new global event dedicated to trust-based technologies. Formerly known as CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS, this new event combines exhibition, conferences, and awards, covering topics including smart cards ecosystem, secure payment, and identification and connection solutions in a 3-day event from 11/29 ~ 12/1 in Cannes.

With a worldwide reputation, TAISYS will debut and launch three innovation products at TRUSTECH 2016 – SIMoME® JAVA Cards named JAR and VAULT, mobile banking, and slimduet banking.

TAISYS SIMoME® JAR and VAULT are functional JAVA platform products which were developed with TAISYS’ unique, patented SIMoME® technology. In the past, Java cards are controlled by only a few banks and telecoms. Individuals, small business, and entrepreneurs are unable to get or develop applications. TAISYS intends to create an open platform environment for third party development, TAISYS SIMoME® JAR and VAULT were designed to allow them to develop their own business and product line. Cambridge University used TAISYS’ SIMoME® technology to design a system, which is able to reduce transaction fees and allow payment through the phone even when there are no data services, it is already fully functional and now they are looking for partners for full deployment.

Mobile Banking
Over the years, TAISYS has focused on financial inclusion to extend banking services to rural population, banking the unbanked segment. In developing nations, there are often great distances between financial service locations. Therefore the most essential component to financial inclusion lies with the banks being able to shorten the distance between customers and bank services. TAISYS provides an easily understood and highly accessible solution based on SIMoME® technology to dissolve  this barrier, and it is now applied on over 20 million users, handing transactions totaling more than 7 billion RMB daily.

slimduet Banking
Being conscious of the fact that SMS messages may be intercepted or redirected, TAISYS provides a hardware encrypted solution to banks, and also add a global telecom service as a value add service for banking APP.

slimduet banking is an innovative product for banking. It uses a secure element to protect the banking transaction messages from being intercepted or redirected, and joined with the slimduet service, a global telecom service that allows downloading prepaid cards from around the world through a cloud SIM store, it satisfies the need for people to continue to use their banking APP even when traveling.

About TRUSTECH (incorporating CARTES)
FRANCE CARTES SECURE CONNEXIOS event has become TRUSTECH in 2016. The show was first held over thirty years ago under the name “Cartes Secure Connexions” to promote the newborn technology of smart cards. TRUSTECH will see 18,000 attendees from 130 countries and has 150+ inspiring speakers in its conference program and 400+ exhibitors and sponsors.
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TAISYS Technologies Co. Ltd., a member of GSMA and ETSI, is a world leader in providing mobile interconnectivity and vertical integration services across various industries. With its patented SIMoME technology, TAISYS slimduet® provides global travelers alternative roaming services covering 200 countries. slimduet® is the world’s 1st live ecosystem of consumer eSIM technology. TAISYS has R&D centres in Taipei, Bejing, Chongqing and India, with regional offices located in Taiwan, China Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, South Africa, Russia and Spain.

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