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WORLDWIDE 2017/08/23

Taisys' SIMoME® Vault Cryptographic Algorithms Certified

En route to Obtaining FIPS Validation

TAIPEI, Taiwan, August 23rd 2017 – Taisys Technologies, a leading provider of secure mobile solutions, today announced it has received cryptographic algorithm validation from the U.S. government's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for its SIMoME® Vault product, and anticipating FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation before year's end.  The SIMoME® Vault is an independent Secure Element used in Taisys' Mobile ID Solution, specifically designed for industry applications that require high security levels of identification and authentication, such as national ID card, fintech, health and insurance services.  The solution can be adopted by any organization, and is phone manufacture and mobile network operator independent.  Additional services can also be downloaded through TSM platform once it is installed inside the mobile phone.

"We are pleased to have received the crypto algorithm validation.  This is a significant milestone for us as SIMoME® is the company's foundation, with majority of our services and solutions developed on it,” expresses Taisys' Jason Ho, Founder and Chairman. “The validation comes at an opportune time, when mobile app services and transactions are replacing traditional channels and mechanism.  Consequently, more stringent user identification at the device end must be in place and this is where Taisys Mobile ID Solution fits perfectly in any organizations planning to deploy truly secure and industry-independent mobile services."

Current Mobile ID solutions in the market are SIM based, requiring the collaboration of the issuer with mobile network operators for development and deployment, which has proved to be difficult and inefficient.  The other option is embedded Secure Element that requires cooperation with device manufacturer, limiting its target audience to make and model.  Taisys' Mobile ID provides an independent Secure Element in a wafer-thin form factor that fits into the phone's SIM slot, together with the primary SIM card.  Due to this ingenious design, organizations can issue SIMoME® independently, across any mobile network and device and supports Android and iOS operating systems.

Taisys' Mobile ID Solution is tamper resistant and provides secure digital identification, upgrading security of password/knowledge-based identification measures which are widely used in mobile apps and relatively low in security level. For government agencies and security oriented industries that require secure identification and authentication and even secure digital signature processing can now independently deploy a mobile solution for its users and employees.  The solution paves the way to a secure and trusted online and offline mobile experience.

The FIPS 140-2 standard is an information technology security accreditation program for cryptographic modules for use in U.S. and Canadian government departments and regulated industries and a benchmark for governments in other nations as the cryptographic standard for protecting sensitive data.  Algorithm validation is a precursor to FIPS certification.  Taisys' SIMoME® Vault cryptographic algorithms and corresponding validation numbers are listed below and can be found on NIST's website (

AES: #4688
TDES: #2492
RSA: #2558
ECDSA: #1157
SHA: #3838
DRBG: #1590
HMAC: #3103
CVL: #1331
CVL: #1332 (ECDSA)
CVL: #1333 (RSASP)
CVL: #1334 (RSADP)

About Taisys: 

Taisys Technologies Co., Ltd. is a world leader in providing mobile inter-connectivity and vertical integration solutions which enable telecom, financial industries and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner.  

Building on our core technology - SIMoME® - our dedication to R&D create products, services, and platforms that realize security and confidentiality in the mobile device that is MNO and device manufacture independent.

Since our establishment in 2005, Taisys has expanded presence to 5 continents and services over 20 million users worldwide.

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