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WORLDWIDE 2017/05/08

Taisys introduces SIMoME® VAULT

Upgraded edition of the Java product line supporting NFC payment capability

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 8, 2017 -- Taisys Technologies announced today the launch of SIMoME® Vault, a Java card in the form of SIM overlay. This much anticipated product, following the successful launch of its predecessor SIMoME® JAR, comes with greater capacity and supports higher version of Java card and GlobalPlatform.

For businesses and developers alike, SIMoME® VAULT brings endless possibilities of extending value-added services to customers on the mobile phone, due to its Java language and unique form factor. Java applets can be developed to run on the SIMoME® VAULT, which is attached to the customer’s operator SIM and communicates with it through SIMoME® APIs. SIMoME® VAULT’s wafer-thin form factor allows it to rest in the same SIM slot as the operator SIM in a mobile phone, opening up access to the SIM slot for other players to serve their customers.

“We are astounded by the demand of our SIMoME® Java product since its launch last year. Now that the enhanced version - VAULT, which supports NFC capability – is launched, we can only imagine what businesses and organizations have in mind for its broad applications. Businesses such as payment and wallet platform providers, transportation organizations can take advantage of SIMoME® VAULT by developing their application and issuing the SIMs to customers, regardless of the customer’s mobile network provider,” states Joe Wang, Taisys VP of Total Solution and Product.

SIMoME® VAULT self-development kit, comes with one month online tech support, is available here . Pricing starts at USD 220.

Click here for more information on SIMoME® VAULT.

About Taisys:

Taisys Technologies Co., Ltd. is a world leader in providing mobile inter-connectivity and vertical integration solutions which enable telecom, financial industries and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner.

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