Company Spirit

Company Spirit


Interconnecting Mobility!

“Interconnecting Mobility!” is the core value of Taisys Inc. and the energy that keeps pushing Taisys forward. The founder used an innovative blue sea between a slim SIM card and mobile payment and made a revolutionary connection between mobile technology and the way people live, which finally became the proudest belief and value of Taisys!


Leader in digital convergence

Taisys used its exclusive patented technologies to provide information integration solutions with digital convergence across banks and telecommunication platforms around the world. The innovative operation modes changed the communication modes between people and the ecology of the industry. Taisys will enrich the service contents it will provide in the future to create the best user experience.


Serious persistence without a tie

The most relaxed place in the small kitchen of Taisys is the recreational area. There are non-stop exchanges concerning each other’s way of living, whether during coffee-drinking in the lounge, jogging while listening to music, or even overlooking Taipei 101 from the outdoor rest area; so naturally creative ideas for the job are inspired and communicated.