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TAIWAN 2018/03/26

Taisys ' SIMoME® VAULT received CFNR (China Financial National Rising Authentication) Technology Certification of Mobile Financial Service

TAIPEI, Taiwan, March 25th, 2018 – Taisys Technologies announced it has officially received the technology certification of mobile financial service granted by China Financial National Rising Authentication Co. Ltd. (referred as CFNR herein) located at Beijing.

Taisys’s product, SIMoME VAULT 1.0, including its two form factors of slim SIM and embedded security chip – eCoffer, passed the secure element (SE) test conducted by Testing Laboratories of China Financial Computerization Corporation, a CFNR accredited testing center, and therefore received the CFNR certification (Certificate Number: CFNR201802210004).

SIMoME VAULT 1.0 now conforms to the following CNFR Requirements and Specification 
✔ JR/T 0089.1-2012 China financial mobile payment - Secure element - Part 1: General technical requirements, 
✔ JR/T 0089.2-2012 China financial mobile payment - Secure element - Part 2: Management specification for multiple applications, 
✔ JR/T 0098.5-2012 China financial mobile payment - Test specifications - Part 5: Embedded software security of secure element (SE), and 
✔ Implementation rules for technology certification of mobile financial service - Secure element (SE).

Validated by CFNR technology certification of mobile financial service, SIMoME VAULT 1.0 fully demonstrates itself continues to comply with various CNFR standards. It not only achieves a seamless connectivity with Mobile Trustable Public Service (MTPS) of People’s Bank of China, but also well reflects certification authorities’ high recognition of slim SIM form factor, improving awareness and credibility of Taisys’s products.

 “We are pleased to have received the CFNR certification. It signifies that Taisys’ product is recognized for its security and stability by national certification bodies in China. By using SIMoME VAULT 1.0, card issuers ,such as China Construction Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Everbright Bank, China UnionPay, China Mobile and other 2 organizations, are able to be connected through MTPS to provide cross-industry services with all kinds of mobile applications.” said Jason Ho, Taisys' Founder and Chairman.

By adopting SIMoME VAULT 1.0 slim SIM, financial service providers that require transactions of high-security level can issue SIM cards and operate on their own business without seeking cooperation with phone manufacturers and/or mobile network operators. Smartphones and wireless devices integrating Taisys’ embedded security chip – eCoffer can realize safe and controllable information technologies to assure digital financial inclusion and to protect financial customer rights and interests.

【About CFNR Technology Certification of Mobile Financial Service】
The CFNR technology certification of mobile financial service is a certification system developed by China Financial National Rising Authentication Co. Ltd. (CFNR) in accordance with “China Financial Mobile Payment Technology Standard” published by People’s Bank of China and put into effect in 2014 with approval from Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). By requesting testing and validation of the key products in mobile financial services, CFNR issues certificates to certified parties to prove the compliance and security of their products and performs supervision and reviewing within the validity of certificates to assure the continuity of conformance. CFNR has played an important role in assisting social regulation, promoting standard implementation, and propelling technology certification of mobile financial service and is dedicated to enhancing the development and prosperity of the mobile financial industry.

【About Taisys Technologies】
Taisys Technologies Co., Ltd. is a world leader in providing mobile inter-connectivity and vertical integration solutions which enable telecom, financial industries, and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient way.  
Building on our core technology - SIMoME® - our dedication to R&D create products, services, and platforms that realize security and confidentiality in the mobile device that is MNO and device manufacture independent.
Since our establishment in 2005, Taisys has expanded presence to 5 continents and services over 20 million users worldwide.

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