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TAIWAN 2019/04/17

Taisys awarded FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation for SIMoME® Vault

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – April 17th, 2019 – Taisys Technologies, a global mobile security and connectivity solution provider, announced that its SIMoME® Vault has received Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 validation from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States.  The SIMoME® Vault is a cryptographic module that underlines Taisys’ Mobile Identity Solution, specifically designed for government agency and private sector industry applications that require high security levels of authentication, data protection and digital signatures executed on the mobile phone. 

The patented SIMoME
® Vault is an independent hardware secure element available in contact/contactless form factors when installed inside the mobile phone, enables mobile services on a security critical system and supports Android and iOS handsets.  Security applications supported in the card include the digital certificate, Fintech, blockchain cryptography, and cold wallet for cryptocurrency.   This technology allows service providers to have full control of the development and deployment of services on the mobile phone in the utmost secure environment.

This is a major milestone in the company’s effort to establish itself as a leading provider of mobile security solutions.  FIPS validation is the cryptographic standard for the United States government and is also the most recognized encryption standard worldwide for both public and private entities.  With the validation, the company’s Mobile ID solution can fulfill the stringent data security requirements of government agencies and regulated industries such as finance and healthcare.  Using the secure element to provide PKI enabled applications, organizations that process and store sensitive data can protect itself from cybersecurity breaches by leveraging the authentication and digital signature features provided by the company’s Mobile ID offering.

“Completing the FIPS validation demonstrates Taisys’ commitment in delivering secure mobile solutions for security-oriented organizations that would like to use the mobile phone as a form of identification.  We are the first to develop Mobile ID based on the SIM overlay technology due to the strong demand from the market for a device and telco agnostic, service provider-driven solution.  Our solution fits that demand perfectly and overcomes the challenges service providers face during development and deployment,” stated Jason Ho, Taisys Founder and Chairman.

The solution delivers strong authentication for account access of online services and networks.  The organizations infrastructure and data is protected from cybersecurity breaches when a mobile identity solution is in place and protects both users of the service and employees of the organization providing the service.

Validation information is available at the NIST site:  

About Taisys Technologies
Taisys Technologies is a world leader in providing mobile interconnectivity and vertical integration solutions to various industries. Our solutions enable telecom, financial institutions and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner.

Established in 2005 and headquartered in Taipei, Taisys has built solutions based on its patented core technology SIMoME® (Thin SIM), which decouples value-added services from the main SIM, and empowers industry players the ability to deploy innovative services on the mobile equipment.

Over 1,300 banking and 20 M(V)NO partners have deployed mobile-based value-added services enabled by Taisys’ technology and platform to 15 million end-users worldwide.  To learn more, please visit



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